Life : “Surprise!”

Nowadays, FAQ that I often face is about my job, such as “Are you sincere to let all of lesson you’ve been studied in campus being useless? Do you really want to give up on geophysics? What about your idealism? What is your plan in the future, still wanna find geophysics job or you wanna stay there where you are?”

So in this post, I ‘ll try to answer those questions and share my spiritual experience when I was a jobseeker for more than 6 months, because maybe you’re feeling this now or will feel it later (but I really hope you won’t)

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Toy Story 4

Toy Story franchise is unimagibly the saddest story I’ve ever watched. Can you imagine, we all cry over some toys! Don’t compare it to another sad animation such as Grave of the Fireflies. It also could make me cry, but it’s reasonable since we are talking about a movie with war background. Everyone could cry because the war, right? But Toy Story, with such an unimportant (or at least unnotice) conflict : about toys which we used to abandon after we’ve grown up, could make most people around the world cry. Once. At Toy Story 3. That was my thought when Toy Story 3 won the Oscar, clearly unmatched in 2010.

Nine years later. Trailer of Toy Story 4 was released in 2019. “How the hell could disney & pixar make us cry uglier than we did after Toy Story 3?” is exactly the first question that crossed my mind

Then Disney & Pixar like : Watch us. They answer our doubt perfectly. It is out of my imagination. There are some interesting opinions (and facts) I’ve been thinking this whole day. Spoiler alert! Continue reading

Should College Students be Required to Take Classes Outside of Their Major?

I agree with a statement that said “college students should be required to take classes outside of their major fields of study in order to graduate”. Even though it is debateable since there is maybe anti-thesis which will say it is not going to improve the skills that related to the major fields of study, I still believe there are more positive sides than college students only take classes from their major fields of study. At least there are three reasons to support my argument

First of all, the college is not all about skills, but also about mindset. What if there is a very smart student in his/her major fields of study, but he/she want to change the ideology of our country? It could be happened if he/she doesn’t take a class that teach about value from pancasila.

Beside mindset, college also have to teach their students about character. We could learn about character from Ethics and Religion class. Normally that class won’t be held by major fields study. This is important because doesn’t matter how briliant the student is, but they won’t reach their highest peak possible of their career if their habits are bad. To be a leader or a general manager in the company, we need a nice character so people around us won’t hesitate to give us a help. It’s exactly the most important thing for a leader : to influence people without any conflict so they will do sincerely whatever our direction in order to achieve the company goals.

Thir reason for the last one is classes outside major field study will definitely expand our horizon. For example, there are a lot of students who are not sure enough whether they chose the right major or not. If they take classes outside major field study, maybe they will find something that will be more enjoyable in their opinion. So after graduate, they will not confuse and confident enough to choose their own path.

To summarize, there are more benefits if students must take classes outside of their major field study. Now it’s university duty to organize some useful classes for the general study that must be taken by students before they graduate.


Teacher Should Encourage Their Students to Question Everything

Now I’m struggling for the TOEFL test. I need to score more than 92. So I will really appreciate if whoever read my wordpress, could check my grammar in this kind of written test, give me a score or any suggestion. Thank you in advance!

The issue at hand is whether teacher should encourage their students to question everything. This issue is important since there are many schools that make a wrong regulation to limit the question of their student. I’m not sure why but probably they are scared to face a hard question from their student. I believe that teacher should encourage their students to question everything.

I prefer to agree to the statement I mentioned on the title above because first, teacher is only a human being, who could done anything wrong. For example, when teacher is teaching and they forget something, normally they will improvise. Then they will teach something not perfectly true. It’s fine, but when the student are not trained to question everything, they will definitely keep silent and believe everything the teacher said is true for the rest of their life, and it’s not good.

Second, every student need to train their critical thinking skill. It’s one of the most important skill that needed to be mastered by every profession. For example, can you imagine if a lawyer doesn’t have a capability? He/she will be useless since he/she couldn’t find a way to win the case that given to him/her because they don’t have a proper critical thinking skill that needed to be practiced from the very beginning,started with how they could question something to their teacher

At last, not all parents tell their son/daughter to participate actively in organization or extracurricular. Then where will they get bravery to talk or question something? Therefore, teacher have to accomodate that case by encourage them to question in class so they will become a brave student.

The conclusion is, ‘teacher must encourage their students to question everything’ is the correct regulation for all schools. I believe that because there are more positive things if we could make a brave student with good critical thinking skills.


What are you first thinking right after heard ‘politic’? Dirty, naive, dominance, hypocrite, national election, president, party, what else? Whatever¬† it is, I only have one message : “don’t think politics as a negative word” We, as the citizen, are no doubt living with a politics, especially in 2019. These year, new president and vice president are going to be elected. And we, all of us without exception, will decide the fate of Indonesia for the 5 years ahead. Continue reading

Balance Scorecard

Hehehe two previous post is about moral value that I got from anime and comicbook. Well to minimize the probability of thought “this wordpress is just about a lazy boy who only watch anime or read comicbook then take moral values from it”,¬† I guess I must write something that I get from a serious book or whole-hearted discussion. So this is a management concept that I learned from Kaplan and Norton’s book with the same title, also after discuss with my father. Continue reading

Subtle Solicitation to Protect the Environment

There’s no doubt that global warming is a hot issue nowadays. Almost every people talk about it, even not that many people do real action to keep our environment clean and safe. But have you ever imagined that environmental damage warning is already mentioned by Doraemon comicbook creator Fujiko F. Fujio since 1990s when this issue is not as popular as present day? Continue reading


Another hiatus (a long time non-active period) on my wordpress because I tried my best to finish my final project as fast as I can, but now I reach my limit and need to refresh my mind. I’ll write all of challenges I face about my final project later. Now, I’ll tell you about some of people, who helped me countlessly¬† when I was a president of geophysical engineering student association in ITB. I was nothing without twenty seven people with a great both critical and analytical thinking, also marvelous in their own specific job. Continue reading